Monday, December 28, 2009

The new project for 2010 Christmas i underway! I'll be creating tons of minis this year for the tree next year and this is the first update on the progress.

Project: "Noel", by Barbara Sestok, from the Cross Stitch Ornaments issue of Cross Stitch & Needle Work magazine, dated 1996.

Posted is a picture from the magazine of the finished ornament and a picture of my WIP.

Here is a piece finished on Christmas day. I did get one for the tree this year after all!! It is from a leaflet dated 1994 through the American School of Needlework, by Sam Hawkins, Leaflet number 3646, title: 50 Cross Stitch Christmas. They are all minis.

I am not very good at finishing but thought it turned out well enough.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

6 Days Till Christmas

Today is 6 days till' Christmas and I'm moving slow! Seems it's harder to keep up these days but today should prove productive in the house keeping, baking, cross stitch and the all important daily dose of Christmas movie watching!!! This movie thing is probably why the moving is slow!

Tomorrow is my best friends birthday and our get together with her family and me and part of my family. I will be attempting to create an edible birthday cake from scratch for diabetics as she was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Lets hope it will be a success!

I have not produced a Christmas ornament to commemorate the 09 season. Last night there were a few picked that is hoped are one nighters! These will be put together and worked on until Christmas and hopefully finished!

That is all for today as I need to hit the ground running! Have a great day!